Professional Learning, Solution Oriented Approaches

Solution oriented practice is a way of working which has been described as ‘solution-building’ (De Jong and Berg 1998).

It helps people develop goals and solutions rather than explore and analyse current problems. It is different to more traditional ‘helping’ methods in that it focuses on the present and the future, on goals and how to achieve them. This approach has a focus on ‘what works’ in any given situation and the development of detailed descriptions of goals. In developing and expanding these descriptions, new possibilities for change open up for the individual and the organisation.

As solution oriented practice has gathered momentum over a number of years, a set of principles have emerged which have a radical effect on practice across many disciplines. Find out more by downloading this document (Word, 240kB).

The initiative compliments a range of other approaches.

Solution Oriented Approaches

The psychological service can offer bespoke professional development in this area covering a wide range of applications.

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