Research, introduction

Research is one of the core functions of the Psychological Service.

Research is a process of inquiry and development which aims to answer a specific question or questions to support evidence based developments, knowledge and skills within the authority.

Research undertaken by the Psychological Service may take the form of:

  • Evaluation of specific initiatives e.g. ABC (Handling Children’s Behaviour), Healthy Futures
  • Supporting the effective development of initiatives and approaches to learning and teaching within the context of North Ayrshire e.g. Motivated Minds, Sleep.
  • Implementation and evaluation of evidenced based e.g. PATHS (Promoting Alternate Thinking Strategies) approaches within the context of North Ayrshire which link directly with the authority’s planning processes.

While some research emerges from Practice Agreements with schools some may be requested directly by other groups within the local authority. Therefore much of the work involves working alongside individuals, schools and organisations in North Ayrshire and is aimed at supporting development and change for the benefit of children, families and communities within North Ayrshire.

Research work undertaken by the Psychology Service operates within the British Psychological Society (BPS) Ethical Code of Conduct and values working in partnership with others.

You can download the following abstracts:

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