Research, Strathclyde Higher Order Thinking Skills (SHORS)

A metacognitive approach to develop reading comprehension

Literacy has been identified as a priority for the local authority, an area of deprivation. The identification of an effective evidence based reading comprehension intervention that fits easily into the school curriculum and can benefit all pupils needed identified to improve literacy standards.

After assessing the feasibility of implementation of several evidence based programmes reading comprehension interventions, one program; developed to enhance reading comprehension within Scottish mainstream primary schools has been identified; The Strathclyde Higher Order Thinking Skills (SHORS) program.

However, while the intervention was deemed evidence based, it requires more rigorous research using a control. A pilot study has taken place and its results have been used to inform the main study which focuses on Primary 5 children and takes a metacognitive approach to teaching and learning.

SHORS spotlight

Click on the photo below to view an article in TES Scotland, July 2018 called ‘Reaching higher to boost reading comprehension’. Once you click/touch on the image to view, there’s a further button to the top right that will enlarge the photo to a readable size.


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