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Training provides an important opportunity for psychologists to help others understand and meet children’s needs. By training others, psychologists can help children and young people, more effectively than they ever could working only with individuals. Training helps build a skilled workforce with the capacity to respond effectively to children’s needs.

In what areas can the Educational Psychology Service offer training?
The Educational Psychology Service is experienced in offering a wide range of training to schools, parents and other groups. Training is offered on universal issues affecting all children for example literacy, social and emotional skills and thinking skills. More targeted training is also offered on additional support needs that affect a minority of pupils for example dyslexia and autism spectrum disorders.

Why should the Educational Psychology Service offer training?
Psychology underpins developments in education and child development. Educational psychologists are ideally placed to help spread the benefits of psychology to others through courses and the development of training packages.

What kind of training events are psychologists involved in?
Psychologists are involved in developing and delivering a full range of training from short talks, interactive seminars and workshops to major conferences and longer training programmes designed to share useful skills and knowledge. Requests for training are considered in line with North Ayrshire Council priorities.

Examples of educational psychologists’ involvement in training:


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