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Solution Oriented Schools

The Solution Oriented Schools initiative (SOS) is an approach being developed in many schools throughout North Ayrshire. It is most successful when all staff participate in ‘finding solutions’, (as opposed to ‘exploring problems’).

Main Aims:

  • To train school staff, particularly senior management in the first instance, in the principles and techniques of solution focused methods.
  • To develop with schools an ‘identity’ of becoming a ‘Solution Oriented School’; and this to be viewed as a whole-school initiative.
  • There are two training components through which this ‘identity’ can be fostered:
    – developing a ‘Solution Oriented Meeting’ (Reviews etc) format
    – developing a ‘Solution Oriented Conversation’ for direct use in problem solving with pupils, staff and parents.

Training has been provided to schools by the school’s current psychological service contact psychologist (assisted by colleagues) and where possible, in collaboration with partners.

For more general information about the approach visit Sycol Ltd’s website.

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