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Service Delivery in the Early Years

This is an area of increasing priority for the Psychological Service, with additional time been given to allow EPs to focus on early intervention within early years establishments in order to take forward both development work and individual case work.

Priorities in terms of service delivery to the sector for this year include:

  • Establishing the consultation model in the sector
  • Ensuring early involvement with any child needing consideration for an alternative pathway
  • Delivering professional learning in partnership with early years teams to the sector
  • Providing a termly catch up with every early years’ establishments

Each EP will have a number of both local authority and private and voluntary early years establishments. There will also be a number of EPs with an early years remit who will support development work in this area and will meet regularly with Home visiting teachers and Early Years officers to ensure that there is EP involvement where required as well as supporting early years priorities.

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