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Young children who are identified as having significant additional support needs may require coordination and planning from a ‘team around the child’.

Traditionally called a PreSCAT team, this consists of agencies which may include:

  • parents (always part of the team)
  • educational psychologist
  • a doctor from Community Medicine
  • a health visitor
  • home visiting teacher
  • speech therapist
  • physiotherapist

Everyone at the meeting will have a sound reason for being there. Parents/carers are always present and are the most important members of the team.

Which children are discussed at these meetings?
The team discusses children who have additional support needs which require long-term continuing support and additional help.

These needs arise from a range of difficulties including:

  • delayed development
  • language and communication difficulties
  • visual and hearing impairments
  • physical difficulties.

What happens at the meeting?
After introductions, everyone present will be asked about their view of the child’s needs. Parents’ views are particularly important. Specific objectives will be set for future work. This ‘plan of action’ specifies what is to happen and who will be responsible for seeing that it is carried out. There is a written report from the meeting which provides a record of recommendations.

What kind of recommendation might the team make?
Each child is different but recommendations may include:

  • support from a home visiting teacher
  • early or particular nursery placement
  • appropriate school placement
  • contacting other services.

Access to Files
When the educational psychologist becomes directly involved with you and your child a file is created by the psychological service in your child’s name. This is to keep copies of notes and any letters or reports. This file is kept safe and confidential by the psychological service. You can arrange to see the contents of this file by writing to the principal psychologist at Cunninghame House.

Quality Assurance
The psychological service operates within the priorities and standards of North Ayrshire council and has a range of quality assurance procedures. In addition the service is subject to inspection by Her Majesty’s Inspectors of Education, in the same way that schools are. Inspectors have full access to all service documents and records including individual files. Confidentiality is of course maintained by inspectors and no details about individuals would ever be discussed publicly.

We value feedback and suggestions from our clients. Should you wish to comment on the service you have received from the psychological service you can speak directly to the psychologist involved. You can also contact the principal psychologist.

Principal Psychologist
Psychological Service
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Telephone: 01294 324500

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