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The advice and information about the coronavirus changes is being provided every day and that can make it hard to keep up to date with developments as a parent. Children are able to access lots of information too through social media and discussions with friends. This can make it difficult for parents and carers to know what our children understand about COVID-19 and to know what to say to them. It can also be difficult to know how to spend the time productively while you are at home without putting undue pressure on the family.

We have complied some resources that may be helpful to you to support you in these areas.

Click on the relevant links for information:

We have developed some useful Spotlights to support families at home with young people with Additional Support Needs. Click on the following links for further information:

Below we provide some further information and links to other useful websites for families.

The NHS website Every Mind Matters provides great advice for keeping yourself well while staying at home. It also provides 10 Top Tips and strategies to support concerns around the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This is suitable for adults, children and young people.

Stem 4 is a charity that promotes positive mental health and wellbeing in teenagers as well as encouraging them to build resilience and manage difficult emotions. Resources are downloadable and include advice on how parents can support their teenagers.

The World Health Organisation have produced an excellent information sheet with helpful tips to manage children’s anxiety. They also have some great myth buster graphics which should help answer any worrying questions children and young people may have. CBBC Newsround have also created a section to help answer difficult questions.

The Scottish Association for Mental Health have created an online hub for mental health and Covid19, which collates useful information from across the internet for those seeking to gain information to help protect their mental health and wellbeing during these ongoing difficult times. The information is suitable for children and adults alike.

The Anxiety UK website has also dedicated a section which provides some great advice about how to talk to your children and young people if they are worried about Coronavirus (COVID-19). The link can be found here.

Samaritans are there for you and provide some excellent advice. Go here and scroll down the page a little for a short YouTube video, reminding us about things you can do to stay well.

NHS Ayrshire and Arran have compiled a selection of verified apps and websites to support general Mental Health and Wellbeing in Young people. They have also prepared a leaflet specifically for Parents and Carers.

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